Ten years ago, my life took an unexpected and challenging turn. I was a mother of two young children, one and five years old, when my husband suddenly fell seriously ill. This abrupt change in circumstances forced me to confront a new reality, one that required resilience and creative coping strategies. In those difficult times, I turned to crafting and humor as my sources of strength. I firmly believe that laughter can be a powerful force, even in the face of adversity.

I was fortunate to receive unwavering support from my local community, a group of compassionate and kind-hearted individuals who rallied behind me. As I began to share my passion for crafting and humor with the world, I found that I could connect with people who shared a similar outlook on life. These like-minded individuals have become an integral part of my journey, and I am profoundly grateful for their presence and encouragement.

My background in graphic design, coupled with my current role as a teacher at a local college, has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to excel in my creative pursuits. I have a deep-seated love for my community and a strong desire to help others. Part of this involves frequently hiring my students and coaching them to develop their confidence and skills.

I am eager for the opportunity to meet with you and explore how we can collaborate. Together, we can continue to spread positivity, creativity, and humor, making life brighter for everyone we touch.

A recent picture of my kids